Pinterest: The Gentler, Kinder Side of Consumer-Generated Endorsements


When it comes to understanding the general sentiment of consumers, almost every industry has come to rely on a combination of surveys, social media, consumer reviews, and academic research on purchasing behavior. As new platforms of engagement become available, it is both smart and important to take a moment and realize the value of non-traditional engagement.

Such is the case when it comes to Pinterest. Pinterest is only four years old and boasts a membership count of over 80 million and growing. Approximately 80 percent of Pinterest users are female.

If, as a marketer, you are out searching for areas of opportunity for product or service enhancement, you are not likely to find data of value in Pinterest. But if you are out to identify what drives, energizes, and engages your customer base, Pinterest should not be neglected.

First, the bad News

If your business is principally online, and if your products can be described as visually rich and consumer-oriented, you better be using Pinterest. If, upon audit, you realize the level of engagement is low, it is time to go back to the drawing board. Failure to provide the right tools for visual engagement is a symptom of poor marketing strategy, and it should be corrected with a great sense of urgency.

But how is it fixed?

Once you have identified an opportunity for improved engagement, it is time to get the ball rolling. Start with revising and revamping your graphical website experience. To quickly address the problem at hand, the best tool available is imitation. Identify who the leader is in your segment in the Pinterest arena and don’t hesitate to incorporate their best practices. If no such leader exists, go back to the basics and address the following:

  • Are my graphics appealing and marketable?

  • Do I provide value in the form of solutions, in tandem with graphic material?

  • Have I designed my website with the right, and most updated, sharing tools and widgets?

Tackling the basics will set the stage for Pinterest success as well as give you data that will help you understand the heart of your customer.

But I rock at Pinterest. Now what?

If, upon analyzing your Pinterest engagement, you come to the realization that you are “King of the Re-pin”, don’t settle with a simple pat in the back. Once you are done celebrating, it is time to slice and dice the data available. Identify trends and patterns of highly shareable images and content, and apply the same principles to your future campaigns.

In short, knowing what your customer loves, pins, and shares can help you create the formula for future success.

Pair and Parse Your Findings

To validate the full cycle of a product or service with a high popularity level on Pinterest, take time to compare the feedback provided in your product reviews. This is the time to know if a wonderful image or concept resulted in a great reality and superior customer experience. If pinning patterns match high-scoring reviews, you can then celebrate, having delivered a full cycle of quality and service.

(Image credit: Pinterest Flickr Page)

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