Pinterest Marketing: How & Why To Use The Pinterest Gift Feed

Pinterest Marketing: How & Why To Use The Pinterest Gift Feed image Pinterest Gift Feed1

The Pinterest Gift Feed Makes Shopping Clean & Easy

Pinterest announced their new gift feed last week, enabling the many (many, many) folks who use Pinterest for shopping inspiration to find products & buy products more easily.

If you’re a retailer (or e-tailer) then Pinterest’s gift feed should be considered a no-brainer. Getting listed on the gift feed has all the potential of Amazon’s wish list or Google Shopping (before it went pay-for-play), but without the need to search to discover new products.

Why The Gift Feed Is Worth Paying Attention To

The coolest feature of the gift feed is that Pinners who’ve saved one of your products from the gift feed will automatically get an email notification if the price of that product goes down. So Pinterest will be supplementing your email marketing, and letting your potential customers know about sales. That’s cool.

The Gifts feed also includes a few price filters so you can find something for every budget. $ $ $ $ means the price is greater than $ 200, $ $ $ means the price is between $ 50-$ 200, $ $ means the price is from $ 25 to $ 50 and $ is anything less than that.

The price filters will also help shoppers by only shopping products that fit their gift budget. Since the gift feed is made up of exclusively product pins, shoppers will also see the availability and where-to-buy links below the pinned image.

How To Use The Gift Feed

The only hurdle to getting in on Pinterest’s gift feed is that your pins need to be Rich Pins, and specifically Product Rich Pins.

To validate rich pins on your site, check the 4-step guide on Pinterest’s developers site.

Pinterest Marketing: How & Why To Use The Pinterest Gift Feed image Rich Pins
Most larger brands that have in-house development resources will want to choose the oEmbed method for passing the price and availability info to Pinterest.

For smaller brands, Semantic markup is an easier-to-implement choice, with lots of documentation on to help get you started.

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