Pinterest Adds Messaging to Enable Conversations


Pinterest has added lots of new features over the last year — and they just keep coming. The latest addition to the site is the ability to have private, Pin-based conversations.

To be clear, you could always comment on a Pin and even send Pins to other users. However, the new feature enables users to respond using a chat feature. In addition to sending Pins to individuals, the new messaging feature is also designed for group messaging, so more than two people can become part of the discussion.

“Pins in the conversation are dynamic and can be clicked through to the source, or saved to a board right from the window. Pins can also be dragged and dropped into the chat, and you can search Pinterest’s network 30 billion Pins to add to your chat as well,” a representative told the Daily Dot.

While Pinterest has no plans to become a primary chat service, the messaging feature provides a simple way for Pinners to collaborate and discuss topics related to content found within the visual scrapbook network.

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