Pick of the Litter: Our Favorite SMW13 Events


With a little over a week remaining before SMW13 kicks off with our partners Nokia, it’s more and more important that you’ve put together your schedule for the week! In case you need some suggestions, theres are some of our favorites from across the globe.


World Car-Free Day Photo Tour With the LA Tourism & Convention Board
As we start SMW LA and in conjunction with World Car-Free Day, the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board, in collaboration with the Santa Monica and Beverly Hills CVBs, have organized a day that leaves your car at home. In this Photo Walk, participants are encouraged to share their photos on social media during and after the event, tagging #CarFreeLA. Plus, there will be food and drinks involved!


Social Media, el servicio al cliente que los consumidores quieren. El caso de Nokia in Bogotá
Using our partners Nokia as a business case, this event will review the experience and consumer expectations of “Generation C”, including the main elements of customer service through social networking. Practical tips for establishing a successful Social Customer Service will be shared.

Keynote: Devices, Devices, Everywhere: How different form factors are changing our messages in Chicago
Decades ago, Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message” to talk about the role of communication medium itself. What does that mean today when when we get our media from a multitude of devices? In this keynote with Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh, he suggests that Different Form Factors Change the Messages Themselves. The rise of connected devices, wearable computer, even Ultra-HD TV will change what we create and what we value and how those devices affect how we consume them.

Brands As Publishers – from Vice to Topshop to Virgin in London
Our friends at Beyond, a global agency specializing in data-driven digital campaigns, took a look at Interbrand’s Top 30 Most Valuable Brands. They then dissected their publishing strategies in order to create best practice guidelines for brands who are trying to create valuable content across their online platforms. Leading brand Virgin has adopted these best practice guidelines and worked with Beyond to produce the brand new virgin.com platform. These two team up to share how this partnership evolved and what they did.

‘Sex-Up Your Start-Up: Q&A with Richard Branson & Network with Virgin’ in London
In this special SMW London event, Richard Branson, the world’s most social CEO, hosts a Q&A on how to take your new business to the next level. As if that wasn’t enough, you then get the opportunity to socialize with a team of Virgin business and investment experts. Richard will be on video link from New York to answer your questions, then Josh Bayliss, Virgin Group CEO, will host a networking session with a team of experts from across Virgin and their network – including corporate investors and business mentors. The only hitch? You have to apply to attend. Applications close September 16th at 6pm.

Lessons From the Obama Campaign: What Organizations and Businesses Can Learn From the President’s Digital Strategy in LA
You know he won the presidency, but did you know President Obama’s digital team raised $ 690 million dollars online, organized the most effective grassroots army in political history, built some of the largest social media properties in the world, and developed groundbreaking new tools for online persuasion, mobilization, and fundraising? Come see the Obama Campaign’s 2012 Digital Director Teddy Goff gives a behind-the-scenes look at the campaign and what it means for the future.

How the world’s most social event in 2012 became a little more social in Mumbai
In this 30 minute case study, we talk about how IMImobile helped the BBC aggregate and integrate social channels into the London 2012 Olympics coverage. The lessons brought up can be applied universally and give you and your brand an edge.

O que é Gamificação / Game Thinking? in São Paulo
This event aims to present the main concepts and processes to incorporate features of games in environments that are not games, or the process of gamification. The main concepts in game thinking will be introduced, as well as everyday applications.

Comedy Is the Currency of the Internet in Toronto
How can comedy be used online in both marketing and traditional comedy forms? How best should you use comedy across different mediums including blogging, youtube, twitter, etc? Featuring comedians from JFL42, Toronto’s Comedy Festival, as well as advertising professionals and online gurus, this event will be both funny and informative. Get in on the action now.


Screening of Exposing the Invisible in Berlin
Tactical Tech will be showing the first episode – and possibly some exclusive footage of future episodes – of their series of documentaries Exposing the Invisible, which explores the new forms of investigations done by activists, hackers and visual artists.

Social Media Defamation – What Brands Need to Know About This Sensitive Area of the Law in Chicago
Defamation is as widespread as ever with the growth in social media. But most people aren’t aware that they could be potentially exposing themselves to defamation lawsuits from their seemingly innocent comments. This also pertains to brands – not just for how they handle inflammatory consumer responses on their social channels, but potential liability if consumers start attacking each other on those channels. This is a great session exploring the growing area of law in social.

#IAMTrayvon: The Social Courtroom in Chicago
A hot topic: The Zimmerman Trial and Trayvon Martin. This event will present a detailed presentation and discussion on the role of social media in the Trayvon Martin case. From the breaking developments reporting the murder of Trayvon Martin to the intense public dialogue during the George Zimmerman trial, the impact of social media shaped how the trial was presented nationally.

Masterclass: How to Think Psychologically about Social Networking with Aaron Balick in London
What is it, really, that motivates people to share aspects of themselves across social networks? Why update your status on Facebook? While the world is awash with psychological research that tells us how much time is spent online, much less tells us the reasons behind this very human and social activity. This masterclass will look to answer these questions.

How To Curate Serendipity in LA
Curating Serendipity is a look at unifying multi-channel marketing in a digital/social world. Complete with specific models such as “The Circle of Shiny”, the goal is to guide the marketer towards an approach, perspective and practical methodology. Sound heady? Whether or not by design, top campaigns such as Oreo’s “Blackout” and Kogi BBQ’s “Kogi Kulture” have utilized elements of this system. You’ll learn the mechanisms, models, and perspectives that they will be apply directly to their own clients, campaigns and businesses.

Phototalk by Kalyan Varma in Mumbai
Kalyan Varma is a wildlife photographer, filmmaker, naturalist and explorer specializing in environmental issues in India. His amazing wildlife photography reached a large global audience through the power of Social Media. He will be talking on his social journey in spreading the word of conservation through his lens. This is a must for any photography fan.

Creative Newsroom: Storytelling at the Speed of Social in Toronto
Real-time marketing needs to be about more than just NOW. In order to be truly beneficial, a brand must align short-term, fleeting interest with the long-term brand narrative. Learn how to align content, community, analytics and paid media in order to monitor, measure and activate on social networks in real time. Dave Fleet is SVP, Canada East at Edelman Digital, and will be sharing on how you can do just this.


Gender Diversity in der Wikipedia – ein Balanceakt in Berlin
Taking our Gender 50/50 commitment to the next level, SMW Berlin is hosting a series on the important topic. This is one of those key events. Wikipedia has become an icon of free knowledge. But who are the nearly 1.7 million donors knowledge in Wikipedia? According to some estimates, the Wikipedia is written largely by men. The low percentage of female editors raises many questions: How does this impact cooperation in the Wikipedia community, and how can a balance be achieved in the gender distribution? We’ll be discussing the opportunities and challenges of a targeted promotion of gender diversity – a balancing act between autonomy and connectedness.

Innovando en movilidad en Colombia in Bogotá
Tappsi, like many other things in life, born of necessity, to experience firsthand the experience tedious and inefficient to ask taxi through traditional media. Its founders tell the story of how the idea was born, how it develops and how to viral growth becomes most downloaded application in the country Colombia.

Keynote: Is Social Media Bullshit? How To Actually Measure ROI And Avoid The Nonsense in Chicago
In this no-holds-barred session, B.J. Mendelson, top-selling author of the controversial book, Social Media Is Bullshit, sounds off on common social media marketing myths. But it’s not all about the BS out there; Mendelson also explains a real, definitive way to measure ROI from your social efforts and how to strategically get the most out of the platforms you choose to use. Plus, the first 40 attendees will get a free copy of B.J. Mendelson’s book, Social Media is Bullshit, compliments of WOMMA.

The Tweet is Right: A social media game show party in Chicago
Brought to you by our partners Meltwater, The Tweet is Right is a sweepstakes/game-show themed networking party. The Tweet is Right is a live, social-media-themed version of the classic game show, The Price is Right. The goal is to bring marketing and PR professionals together for an evening of networking while participating in a fun game surrounding social media engagement. Plus, there will be an open bar, food, DJ, and prizes!

Patient Communities and Health Unmentionables: Sexual Health, Mental Health, and Death in London
The advent of patient communities in particular have begun to demonstrate the power of being open and connected but are there some areas that are taboo? What challenges does healthcare as a space offer? These will be among the topics tackled, as well as some of the technologies, apps, practices and business models that are being used effectively in this space.

Disruption and the Sharing Economy in LA
Remember the last time you called a travel agent or used a concierge for dinner? New technology is continuing to disrupt the hospitality and transportation industries. This will take a look at changes in this industry — and how you’ll be affected in the future.

Muck Rack’s #MuckedUp With the LA Times in LA
Our partners Muck Rack have teamed up with the LA Times social media team for another #MuckedUp event – this time for Social Media Week LA. This will be a fun and powerful after work meetup for journalists, PR, and media professionals to talk about the age of social media. Don’t miss it.

Theater- A hilarious take on the power of social media to influence and transform behaviour. in Mumbai
This event will use comedy to bring you a hilarious take on the power of social media to influence and transform behavior. Consumer power has become the driving force in this age, which informs and governs the organizational policy. In the play, an incompetent pet shop chain with bureaucratic and insensitive customer service is forced to reform because of public pressure. Taking interactive to a whole new level…

140 caracteres ou 410 páginas: literatura, redes sociais e futuro in São Paulo
With so many social platforms, what is the future of literature? Should we be increasing the size of a tweet? This event provides a look at how social is redefining reading and literature.

The Crowdfunding Success Pattern in Toronto
Designed for project leaders who want to leverage crowdfunding, this session examines how to maximize this funding model – supported by key data from a leading global platform.


Making Maps with the community – hosted by HERE, a Nokia business in Berlin
This event takes a look at how Nokia as a map creator is participating in creating map data for developing countries, a topic often overlooked.

Q: Who Won The Digital Revolution? A: None Of The Above in Chicago
The war for supremacy among marketing disciplines is over. And the winner isn’t brand, direct, promotion or pure-play digital — it’s the revenge of the nerds writ large. Database marketing won. This event will look at how it won and why, with a little information on how to embrace your inner geek and get cozy with data.

Social paquera, fantasias online e amor líquido in São Paulo
Increasingly, we’re seeing more apps used to allow for flirting and offline dating. Geolocation is the factor that is helping bring people together. Just think of Blendr, Grindr, and Singles Around Me. This event will look at the perks and disadvantages, as well as what this means for love.


Measuring social buzz to ensure your brand’s social success – NOKIA MASTER CLASS in Berlin
With the explosion in social networks and social data, accurate social listening has never been more complicated or more important for global brands. But, how do you find the right data amidst all the social chatter? What matters more, a Like or a retweet? Join this event for a behind-the-scenes look at how Nokia makes sense of social buzz, measures the success of its award-winning social campaigns, and get practical tips on ways you can measure the success of your social and digital efforts.

Bisi Alimi – From the Street to the Web: creating a new generation of advocates and activists in Berlin
This event is a big one for me, as SMW Berlin host Bisi Alimi as a closing Keynote Speaker. Alimi is a Nigerian gay rights activist, public speaker, blog writer and HIV/LGBT advocate, who achieved notoriety when he became the first Nigerian to speak openly about sexuality on public media. This keynote will examine the role of social media and social engagement in Africa.

It´s Colombia Not Columbia – Behind The Scenes in Bogotá
It’s Colombia Not Columbia is one of the most acclaimed native campaigns of the year, but where did it come? Hear firsthand how a group of Colombians brought together a million people in the world in one voice, and thus became a global example of how to use the power of social networks.

Africa: Open and Connected… A day of Conversation and Networking Curated by Social Media Week Lagos in London
Talk about making SMW13 global… SMW Lagos and SMW London have partnered together to bring you a full day of content about the role of social in Africa. Don’t miss out on this.

Did YouTube Views Predict the Emmy Winners? in LA
At least 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day and humans across the world watch at least 6 billion hours of video on the site each and every month. But did you know that roughly 90% of the content uploaded to YouTube is from fans? Not professional or burgeoning amateur video creators, but your normal, average, every day fan. This session will take a deep dive into those those videos and that fan driven data on YouTube to explore how fan favorites matched up against Emmy winners. And perhaps, with this data in hand, you could’ve even predicted who would’ve won.

Social Media + Social Entrepreuneurship in Toronto
Hosted by Creative Niche and The Remix Project, this interactive panel discussion will explore how social entrepreneurs use social media to create awareness of pressing social challenges, as well as the enterprises they founded to develop sustainable solutions to these issues. Leaders in social entrepreneurship will share their stories, offer advice and answer participants’ questions in this informative and inspiring event.

The Democratization of Storytelling in Toronto
What do Margaret Atwood, an 18 year old college freshman, a Filipino writer living in Italy, and the creator of fictional stories about hit band One Direction all have in common? Each is helping to redefine and democratize storytelling in the mobile age through the global community of readers and writers on Wattpad. In this keynote discussion, we’ll look at how millennials have not only revived the social art of storytelling but are actively participating in shaping the future of books and reading all from the comfort of their cell phones.

What are you waiting for? Register now! Don’t miss out on SMW13 this September!

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