Photos show the destructive path of Tropical Cyclone Marcia




As Tropical Cyclone Marcia smashed its way through central Queensland, mass damage was reported in the hardest hit areas.

In the town of Yeppoon and the city of Rockhampton, where residents bore the full force of the Category 3 storm, trees were wrenched from the ground and thrown across roads and backyards, houses and surf clubs had their roofs torn off and water ways swelled with the massive storm surge.


The eye of the storm.

Cyclone Marcia is weakening as she brings each town she touches to its knees. People have been hiding under mattresses in homemade fortresses hoping for a reprieve. Marcia may have torn parts of the state to shreds but Queenslanders were not beaten. Her bite was not as mighty as her ferocious bark and so far, no injuries have been reported Read more…

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