Photo of receipt with racist slur gets Red Lobster server suspended

It’s a story we’ve become all too familiar with
over the past several months: A restaurant customer not only stiffs his
or her server on a tip, but also leaves a rude message on the receipt.
The server feels compelled to share the message via social media and
gets punished as a result.

That’s exactly what happened at a Franklin, Tenn., Red Lobster this
week. A customer wrote “none” in the receipt’s line for the tip and the
n-word in the line for total. The customer’s waitress, Tori Christina
Jenkins, who is black, reportedly showed a photo of the receipt to her
father, who posted it to Facebook.

Jenkins was suspended without pay. Mike Bernstein, a spokesman for Red Lobster, told The Huffington Post
the suspension was “standard procedure” for employees who violate
company policy by doing something like posting a picture of a receipt.
(In the original image from Facebook, the customer’s name is fairly easy
to make out.)

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At the same time, Bernstein said the customer’s use of a racial slur is “completely disgusting.”

“[The word] has no place in our restaurant or anywhere else, and we are
committed to getting to the bottom of what happened as quickly as
possible,” he said.

Bernstein said Jenkins’ suspension hasn’t actually caused her to miss
any days of work and she’s scheduled to work normally next week. Even
so, the 19-year-old nursing student has received more than $ 5,000 in
donations to a fund set up for her.

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