Personal Finance and Computers [Infographic]


If you’re like most people then you probably do your personal finances on a computer. From managing to budgeting money and keeping important documents and files safe, we often feel secure with our information on our laptop. However when it comes to managing finances, we can sometimes take for granted the piece of technology that allows us to keep track so easily.

The amount of money people will spend on a new computer hits an average of about $ 700. Fifty-one percent would only spend less than $ 600 and 49 percent would spend more than $ 600. But just because your computer is slow doesn’t mean that you have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new one. In fact, you’ll save over $ 500 while upgrading your computer and get it moving faster simply by upgrading memory.

Even though upgrading RAM in a computer is a simple and straightforward task, many people get squeamish at the thought of doing it themselves. More than 50 percent agree that it’s financially smarter to pay for the manufacturer to upgrade their computer’s RAM than doing it themselves. In all truth, paying the manufacturer to upgrade RAM is like paying a technician to replace your tv remote batteries.

Check out the infographic below presented by Crucial to learn more about personal finance and computers.

Personal Finance and Computers [Infographic] image do your finances compute2

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