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Paul Ceglia, Self-Proclaimed Half-Owner Of Facebook, Finds Ninth Attorney


Paul Ceglia’s lawsuit against Facebook, much like a cat, appears to be on its ninth life. Even after a judge recommended dismissing the case, Ceglia found yet another attorney to lead the fight. Joseph Alioto of California — Ceglia’s ninth lawyer — has agreed to represent the man who feels he’s the half-owner of the social network.

Alioto told American Lawyer that he feels Ceglia has a solid case:

I looked at the case and I looked at the evidence. I think that [Ceglia] has a strong case. I think [his claims] follow a pattern that Mark Zuckerberg has had in the past with regard to people who have tried to help him.

In addition to Ceglia’s lawsuit against Facebook — in which he claims that Zuckerberg signed a contract with him, entitling him to half-ownership of Facebook — he also faces criminal charges related to the lawsuit. He’s under fire for possibly destroying and fabricating evidence.

Last month, U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York Judge Leslie Foschio recommended that the lawsuit be dismissed, claiming that the contract Ceglia swears by is fake.

Readers: Do you think Ceglia actually has a case?

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