Partnership Lets Nonprofits Accept Donations Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Comments


Clients of Greater Giving, a provider of technology and credit card-processing services for nonprofit organizations, will soon be able to make donations through social media channels. The Beaverton, Ore.-based company signed an agreement with Chirpify, which will allow users to donate by simply replying to a comment.

Chirpify is an online platform that lets businesses, organizations, and individuals pay, buy, sell, donate, or fundraise in-stream on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Greater Giving nonprofit clients will be able to make donations by replying to a post on one of the three social networks by commenting “donate” to make a donation or “gimme” for giveaways. In addition, links can be embedded into email newsletters and onto websites, to help spread the word.

The announcement comes after Greater Giving and Chirpify conducted a pilot program with local nonprofits DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, Metropolitan Performing Arts Academy, Stiletto Stampede, and The Shade Project.

“For our first campaign, we launched an in-stream giveaway through Facebook and Twitter, which helped us promote a large upcoming fundraising event while showcasing one of our terrific event sponsors and building a Chirpify support base to help us with future donation campaigns,” said Kate Goudschaal, director of communications for DoveLewis, a nonprofit emergency animal hospital in Portland, Ore.

Chirpify typically costs 5 percent plus 30 cents per transaction for a basic, free plan. For the enterprise plan for businesses, the price is 2.9 percent plus 30 cents per transaction.

Readers, would you make a donation over social media? Let us know in the comments below.

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