Parse Releases SDK for PHP


ParsePHPSDK650Facebook-owned cloud-application platform Parse announced the launch Tuesday of a software-development kit for programming language PHP, marking its first SDK for a server-side language and its first truly open-source SDK.

Parse announced its Parse PHP SDK in a blog post:

PHP is an incredibly popular programming language and has consistently been in the top 10 on the TIOBE index for the past 15 years. Some metrics report that it is still serving the vast majority of websites on the internet. Until now, if you wanted to access Parse from PHP, the REST API was the only option. A few Parse API wrapper libraries have been released by third parties on GitHub. While we think this is awesome, many developers requested better PHP support, and we decided to build a first-party SDK.

Earlier this year at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, we launched the completely reinvented Facebook SDK for PHP. In the three months since it was released, there have been more than 160 commits, with good solid contributions and enhancements from 20 passionate developers who use and care about the product. It has been a lot of fun managing the process for the Facebook SDK, and I’m looking forward to working together with the community on this Parse SDK.

For a fast overview of the SDK, check out the README file. We’ve also updated our documentation with a new PHP guide and added a PHP Quickstart with installation instructions. We encourage you to report any issues and requests on GitHub.