Parse Releases New SDK for IOS 8


ParseiOS8650Parse, Facebook’s cloud-based application platform, did its best to welcome Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 8, with an update to its software-development kit.

Facebook iOS engineer Nikita Lutsenko offered more details on Parse’s updated SDK in a blog post:

We updated our SDK to make sure it runs smoothly on iOS 8 and benefits from all of the new application-programming interfaces available. Just to name a couple, we’ve updated how [PFGeoPoint geoPointForCurrentLocationInBackground:] works to be smarter about requesting the appropriate permissions depending on the state of the app, and we’ve updated our push-notification integration everywhere to use the new permissions style and support the category key.

Parse Files let you easily store app files in the cloud that would otherwise be too large or cumbersome to fit into a regular database-style Parse Object. This release of the iOS (and OS X) SDK brings greatly improved performance for Parse Files. Uploading is now up to three times faster and downloading is up to 35 percent faster. We’re also using fewer system resources, which leads to better battery usage for file-heavy apps.

The Parse SDK now uses the System Keychain on both iOS and OS X to store sensitive user information tied to PFUser. All of this happens automatically and under the hood so you don’t need to make any changes on your end.

Developers: Are you ready for iOS 8?