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PandoLIVE is, well, LIVE now


Radio Free StrawberryNo one is more surprised than I am– nor as relieved as our sponsors Rackspace– that we actually produced a viable live show last week that people actually called into and thousands of people actually listened to.

Now we just have to do it again… every Monday. Forever. Starting tonight. Now, actually.

Go here to listen to PandoLIVE right now and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call in — 877 959 6739. Listeners are the heart of the show as much as Paul loves to talk over them… (OK, we both do that.)

We got dozens of emails over the past 24 hours asking what we were going to talk about tonight, and a partial list is my week of Peter Thiel last week, muscle Ts and what on earth Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella must have been thinking with his obnoxious gender comments and whether it’s possible there is a cultural disconnect to explain them, ride sharing in general failing the Better Business Bureau (Spoiler: Paul actually thinks it’s a little unfair…) and whatever is on your mind.

LISTEN IN! (Reminder: If we take your call on air, we’ll send you a Pando T-shirt when we print some new ones, AND if you catch me use a line from Frozen on the show you get a 6-month membership to Pando. If you don’t understand what any of that means, you missed last week’s show.)