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Blogger outreach, a key component in influencer marketing, is a strategy that takes time, dedication, commitment and patience. Therefore, it comes with a few pain points.

For this awesome collaborative marketing blog that you currently find yourself on, I am in charge of covering all aspects of blogger outreach. And I take this task seriously.

To ease your blogger outreach woes, I’ve put this post together to help anyone and everyone who may be struggling with blogger outreach. I’ve worked with hundreds of marketers on their blogger outreach strategy so you can look at this post as a bit of a database containing some key tidbits I’ve learned over the past two years.

Pain Point: How can I locate new bloggers to talk about me?

How to Overcome: There are many solutions that I’ve offered hundreds of people for this pain point.

The first and my most highly recommended is to use a blogger outreach tool. These tools are worth the money spent in time saved. Depending on the level of blogger outreach you do or budget you have there are tools for every need, and I recommend you read “Blogger Outreach: A Killer Guide” to start learning about them.

If you’re not ready for a blogger outreach tool yet, there are some free options that allow you to dabble in the world of blogger outreach without commitment.

Googling for blogrolls is my top recommendation. A blogroll is simply a list of bloggers who specialize in a topic that another blogger puts together. They are quite common and much easier than googling for individual bloggers.

Make a list of 5 blogger niches that fit well with your project and google for blogrolls on these topics by typing in: “blogroll and nice topic.”

For example, I may be trying to get my protein bars in front of vegan bloggers.

Look how many search results I get:

  googling for vegan blogroll

Pain Point: How do I get bloggers to work with me and respond to my pitches?

How to Overcome: There is a simple bullet point list of steps that I assure you will help with this one.

  • Personalize pitches don’t give in to mail merge temptations.
  • Bloggers give you value with their word of mouth recommendations so make it clear in your pitch what you are offering them in return.
  • Be personable by referencing something from their about me page or a post you read.
  • Check out this ebook for pitch templates and advice. 

Pain Point: Which type of post will bring the best results for my brand?

How to Overcome: Consult your buyer personas and take them a step further to determine what types of blog posts would 1) grab their attention and 2) what type of posts would they seek out.

Take this information and choose whether you want to work with bloggers to review a specific product, to share a piece of content their audience would find useful, to come to a retail/restaurant event or perhaps you want to push for visually driven posts.

As long as you keep in mind that the best blogger outreach is about an experience for the blogger as opposed to a post about your brand—you’ll be great!

Pain Point: How do I get bloggers to recommend my brand more than once?

How to Overcome: So three is the magical number in word of mouth marketing. When an influencer references a brand on an ongoing basis or at least three times, their recommendations are more trusted and thus cause action as opposed to simple awareness.

The best blogger outreach strategies are ones that implement a plan to work with the blogger on an ongoing basis.

The best way to approach this is to look at blogger outreach as building a network as opposed to running a campaign.

At the end of the pitch, tell the blogger you’d like to work with them on a regular basis.

After they publish their first post, thank them for it and share this post on your own networks.

Make sure you create an email list to put all of your bloggers on so you can keep them up to date with brand information, provide them with exclusive information and send them free products on a regular basis.

Are there any pain points I didn’t address that you are experiencing in your blogger outreach strategy? Please share them in the comments, and I’m happy to help!

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