Outside-of-the-Box Ways to Use Facebook for Hospitality Marketing


Outside-of-the-Box Ways to Use Facebook for Hospitality Marketing

As Facebook remains the “big kid on the block” in the world of social media marketing, there are a variety of functionalities that marketers can take advantage of above and beyond just adding posts. Of course, Facebook contests and targeted advertising reap numerous benefits, but there are also some additional aspects of Facebook that aren’t necessarily as widely utilized.

Here are two Facebook features with which to familiarize yourself and leverage for hospitality marketing:

The Save Feature

In July, Facebook debuted a new “save” feature that allows users to save pages or posts that interest them. Saved items can be viewed at any time by going to your saved items in the “More” tab on mobile or by clicking the link on the left hand side of Facebook on the web. Users can sort by category or view all saved feeds at once.

The saved items list is organized by category and you can swipe right on each item to share it with your friends or move it into your archive list.

This can be a useful tool for hotels, restaurants, and destinations. For example, when planning out what to post for the week, a brand could theoretically go through there feed over a single period of time and essentially bookmark relevant content to be re-visited at a later time. This content could be re-posted or provide stimulus for campaigns or collaboration opportunities.

Similarly, if a destination marketing organization notices that a hotel’s Facebook page posted about an event in the area, or a deal at the hotel, and they perhaps want to share both things but not back-to-back, they could share one now then “save” the other to be used later.

Graph Search

Facebook graph search can help drive traffic and awareness to a hotel brand’s presence online. Tnooz notes graph search can enable Facebook to become a go-to source chock full of images, videos, and blurbs of info about the hotels.

Graph search provides users with a Facebook version of what most of us do in Google, however, it makes the results hyper-relevant.

This functionality can also help drive traffic and awareness to a hotel brand’s presence online. User-generated content and employee-generated content will help feed the graph, so long as the individuals creating the content tag the appropriate terms so that the results can be collected by the search.

For instance, if you want to know which friends of yours have liked hotels in South Carolina, just type in “friends who liked in hotels in South Carolina” into the search bar on Facebook. Then the results will be laid out for you to see.

The results generated will show which friends have stayed at the hotel, what comments they made, and will even show any photos they took.

Google can show you popular hotels based on reviews, but those results don’t pack the same punch as the results Facebook can give you. People are more trustworthy of advice from a friend as opposed to that of a strange, so taking advantage of the perks of graph search can be useful.

Graph search also makes it easier for users to get really specific and ask detailed questions like “which of my male friends from Chicago like hotels near the Miracle Mile.” This allows users to very specifically dive into what they’re looking for when making travel plans.

What other unique ways have you used Facebook for hotel marketing?

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Debbie Miller

This monthly Social Media and the Hospitality Industry column is contributed by Debbie Miller. Debbie is the Founder of Social Hospitality, a blog which outlines the ways businesses in the hospitality industry are using social media. She works for HyperDisk Marketing managing social media accounts, writing website copy and executing SEO strategies for clients. Prior, she was with a destination marketing organization where she maintained the website along with launching and managing their social media presence. She is very active in the social networking community in southern California, has enjoyed watching social media emerge over the past several years and is fascinated by its continuing evolution. +Debbie Miller

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