Our Favourite 5 Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges


This year has set itself up to be one of the most selfless and charitable years we’ve had in a long time. March saw the rise of the #nomakeupselfie, kicking up a storm for Cancer Research UK and raising over £8 million. The last week has seen the latest contribution to charity through social media; the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has brought the disease to the forefront above all other news and raised over £40 million.

The disease affects nerve cells in the brain and in the spinal cord, and videoing yourself doing the Ice Bucket Challenge is a perfect way to send a message to the world in support of ALS. The challenge itself has become popular worldwide because of celebrities. They’ve taken to nominating friends and family who then have to do the same- it’s a never-ending cycle of charitable giving. Here are our top 5 Celebrity Ice Bucket videos.

Mike Fisher & Carrie Underwood

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