Our Augmented Reality Future Is Almost Here, and Blippar Is Pushing Us Forward


Technology changes, improves, and impacts society at an astonishing rate. There is a wide variety of products and services available that enter our lives each day, through the news, Product Hunt, word-of-mouth, and other methods. Not too long ago, in order to shop for clothes, you would need to travel to your local shopping district or town center, walk inside stores, and try to find exactly what you wanted, or settle for something less. Today, you can go on your computer, browse through different products in the comfort of your home, and have it delivered right to your door.

Augmented Reality’s (AR) Impact on Society

AR is one of the many emerging technologies that people are talking about. AR allows individuals to see and experience visual information in new and incredible ways. At Social Media Week London, we heard from Omaid Hiwaizi, President of Global Marketing at Blippar, an application with a camera interface that allows you experience an item, product, or image through augmented reality. For example, a game on a cereal box can be viewed as a 3D animation just using a smartphone.

When Omaid snapped a photo of an apple, a different interface emerged with icons representing different categories of the apple, such as nutritional information, how to grow them, and even history of the apple. Instead of one searching for all this info about apples, Blippar and augmented reality allows users to have everything you need to know all within your smartphone screen.

What Makes Blippar A Leader in AR?

Blippar reinforces that the idea of user interaction through this captivating method is more likely to stay in the viewer’s head than if he or she read an article or listened to the radio. The moment I saw a game suddenly appear from taking a photo of a Lucky Charms cereal box, I was impressed. The animation kept my eyes on the camera, disengaging me from reality. If you think about a magazine page for instance, or a newspaper, the only way it would catch your attention is if the story appeals to you, or has a nice picture with vivid colors. With AR, that becomes more possible.

Omaid mentioned that “children can play the Lucky Charms game while eating their breakfast,” however, some parents don’t want their children to escape reality and live through their smartphone all day. Even though technology makes our lives easier, improves the way we interact with each other, and the things around us, and simplifies some of our daily tasks, there are some individuals fearful of what AR represents. The technology-optimists, though, are excited by what AR will evolve into over time, as the technology becomes more mainstream, accepted, and used in new and useful ways.

Looking Ahead

Blippar is revolutionizing the way we get our information, and many look forward to Blippar’s arrival on Android. Once more and more individuals become familiar with augmented reality and Blippar’s technology, it has the potential to save hours of research and information gathering, typically spent looking through Wikipedia and miscellaneous websites. I’m eager to see what our world is like when everyone uses augmented reality apps and technology to access content and information in new, vibrant ways.


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