We headed to the oriental resting-point of Ping Pong to try out their Winter Specials, herbal teas and delicious cocktails. Only a few minutes’ walk from London’s Oxford Circus train station, you’ll find Ping Pong resting on the right-hand side of Great Marlborough Street. Enter a bed of fine dining at this establishment.

Join The Crowd

This Ping Pong location is the central hub for the hip and stylish to drop-in for a quick Dim Sum meal, have a catch-up with friends and order a take away. Saying that, we did enjoy sitting for a couple of hours making our way through the snazzy cocktail menu.

There are two floors for seating, so you can decide whether your gathering needs a more intimate touch or if a large table for a boisterous group will do just fine. It’s a great place for a birthday meal and well-known enough that someone in your party has heard of the great food, which can only mean good things for what’s to come.

Ping Pong Lobster

Scene It

As you walk in you’ll instantly notice that the lights are dimmed down- not all the way, but enough to create a cosy atmosphere. The seductive ambiance of the restaurant is subtle and hard to break, with a black décor theme weaving its way through both floors. The darker underlay of colours gives way to beautiful wall art; some of the walls at Ping Pong are designed in various colours, shapes and sizes.

The exciting and vibrant shapes set the mood for a fun and eventful evening. The wall behind us was decorated in shades of blue, as if painted onto the wall. In front of us, semi-circled objects were shown among colours of purple and yellow. Somehow, the colours add to the evening’s festivities as well as the anticipation of Dim Sum.

The Soho PingPong was the first opened in 2005 and once you walk in you’ll realise why it remains the flagship property within the chain. The décor is simple yet seductive in a unique way, but it’s not what will keep your attention. When the food is served you’ll be too busy planning your attack on each and every dish.


Taste Of Dim Sum

The beauty of Dim Sum is that you get to indulge in one of the most beautiful parts of life- sharing. The ability to share all these small bite size dishes makes for a more unified outing.

I chose to err from the traditional starters, mains and dessert, and went for pure Dim Sum dining with a table full of different varieties of dishes. We started with the lobster dumpling (£6.65) from their winter menu and it set off the meal to a good start. The dumpling pastry was a pinkish colour dyed from beetroot, while a piece of lobster sat atop the prawn, mixed with shiitake mushroom and coriander. The mushroom itself was a subtle, but the prawn and coriander mix was delicious and it instantly became one of my favourites.

Secondly, I went for the soft shell crab, instantly turning our meal into something of a sea food affair. The crab legs were much softer and juicier than the main body which we’d say was quite dry compared to the rest, although it paired perfectly with my concoction of Smoked Nashi Negroni (£6.95). This fiery drink is served short over a sphere of smoked ice and is created with a great dashing of Bombay Sapphire gin, Dolin Rosso Vermouth, Campari and Merlet William Pear Liquer.

Coconut Rice Ping Pong

Along with our steamed, baked, fried and griddled choices we had a mouth-watering supply of chicken and mushroom rice pot (£6.15). As you bite into the mushrooms their flavour pours out, this is a clear indication of how well cooked they are, combining with the flavoursome and juicy chicken pieces.

Other dishes we tried were the duck spring roll (£4.45), crispy prawn ball (£4.45) and roast pork puff (£4.15), which is for your sweet tooth. For vegetarians there’s the sticky and herby pak choi dumpling with green pastry (£3.35) and the four mushroom bun (£3.35) among many other choices.

Seeing as I have a sweet tooth that is never satisfied and taking my recent chocolate-avoidance tactics, we tried the apple and cinnamon parcels with vanilla ice cream for dessert. This selection from their winter menu was a pleasant surprise as the spiced parcel worked well with its sweet ingredients and the dreamy vanilla ice cream.

45 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7JS
+44 (0) 20 7851 6969

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