Online Marketing Trends for 2015


Have you made marketing plans and goals for your company for 2015? If you have, did you incorporate the following online marketing trends expected for this year? As the internet continues to grow and change it is important for your company to stay on top of the latest tricks and trends to keep your business growing.

  • The decline of guest posting. Is guest posting as a link-building tool still in your marketing plan? You may want to rethink that strategy as Google has expressly stated that guest posting – and the links back to your site from your guest post – will no longer work due to the spammy nature of most guest blogging. Although Google pretty much delayed this guest post downgrade in 2014, we’re pretty certain the search engine will be true to its word this year.
  • In 2015 Social Media will be more important than ever, as social signals become a more important ranking factor for Google. Blogging will need social media outreach to gain traction. Your social media feeds will be the workhorses that will drive traffic to your blog.
  • Content marketing will continue to grow and will provide even better ROI for a company’s marketing dollars. Creating and offering content that educates and entertains your prospects and current clients helps you steadily build trust and a strong rapport with your audience, developing a loyal following. Write blog posts, white papers, free reports, case studies, and so on. Broadcast them on your social media channels, article distribution sites, and on your company’s own website, and watch your firm’s reputation as an expert in your field grow – with the resulting rise in followers and sales.
  • As you create this content, don’t forget to make sure it’s mobile-friendly. has reported that almost 90 percent of sales via connected devices will be through smartphones and tablets. You’ll need to be sure your company’s website is optimized for mobile viewing, making sure your visitors have a positive experience while there.

Online Marketing 2015 - Power PR

When it comes to online marketing in 2015, make sure your website is optimized for visitors who come to your site via smartphone or tablet.

  • You may want to begin to micro-target and segment your prospects. In other words, embrace data, niche your audiences, and target ads specifically to different prospect sub-sets. Targeted ads are twice as effective those that aren’t targeted to a niche audience.
  • Take a second look at e-mail marketing. As ranking algorithms grow ever-more complex, marketing via e-mail should rise back up on your list of marketing strategies. You’ll need to make sure the e-mails you send have real value to your readers, which is why content marketing and e-mail marketing go together so well. You can take PDFs of whitepapers, case studies, a series of blog posts, or e-books and use them as incentives for prospects to give you their e-mail addresses to access the content as a download.

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