One-Third of Consumers Abandon Wearable Tech Devices


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Research from Endeavour Partners found that while one in 10 American adults own an activity tracker, half of them no longer use it. Similarly, one-third of American consumers who own smartwatches and other wearables stop using them within six months.

According to the Guardian, the Endeavour Partners study and unsuccessful for-sale ads for wearable tech at bargain prices on eBay and the like point to something still unsolved by primitive wearable devices: “They’re just not that good at exciting us.” Problems with usefulness, battery life and appearance may be, in part, why early adoption remains sluggish.

Perhaps the arrival of Android Wear will make a difference – and that the incorporation of Google Now, voice search, and the “cards” system that seems to be part of Android Wear will all add up to an experience that delights the second-generation wearables buyers. It remains to be seen, though. There’s a gap between the obvious extra utility that digital music players – or early smartphones – offered, and the very thin reasoning being used to justify a computer on your wrist or waist.

See the Guardian’s full report here.

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