Ohio Woman Demands ‘Unflattering’ Mugshot Be Removed From Facebook, Gets Arrested


Ohio Woman Demands Unflattering Mugshot Be Removed From Facebook, Gets Arrested image medium 4939943464

An Ohio woman jail for demanding that a local police department remove her “unflattering” mug shot from Facebook.

According to the Huffington Post34-year-old Monica Hargrove saw her mug shot on the Columbus Police Department’s Facebook page, and apparently was not happy with her appearance. According to police, Hargrove was so upset with her mug shot, that within 48 hours of the photo going up, she made a pleasant phone call to the police department.

Columbus Police public information officer Denise Alex-Bouzounis said that Hargrove contacted the detective listed on the Facebook photo, and told the detective:

“Hey, I want my pictured down.”

The detective that she contacted told Hargrove:

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“Come on in and we’ll talk about it.”

The reason why Hargrove’s picture was on the Columbus Police Department’s Facebook page was because she was featured as part of the department’s weekly roundup called “Warrant Wednesday,” in which she was wanted for aggravated-robbery and kidnapping. The post underneath the mug shot read:

“On August 30th, Hargrove offered a female acquaintance a ride to a pharmacy on East Main Street to pick up a prescription. After the acquaintance got the prescription and got back in the vehicle, Hargrove robbed the victim at gunpoint, leaving her on the side of the road.”

Post by Columbus Division of Police.

When the detective working the case told Hargrove to come in and settle the “unflattering” mug shot of her, she did exactly that, and once she arrived at the police station, the detective placed her under arrest.

Alex-Bouzonis told the Columbus Dispatch that this was the first time that anybody had called the department to complain about their mug shot. She said:

“This was a first for us. She really didn’t want her face out there for everyone to see.”

According to Alex-Bouzonis, the “Warrant Wednesday” program has been a huge success for the Columbus Police Department, and plans to continue using Facebook to hunt down wanted individuals.

As for Hargrove, she is currently in the Franklin County Jail facing robbery and kidnapping charges.

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