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Offerpop Pops Out Facebook Poll App


OfferpopPollAppSocial marketing platform Offerpop introduced the latest application to take advantage of Facebook’s relaxed guidelines on promotions, the Poll app, which allows page administrators to create mobile-ready polls on the social network.

The Offerpop Poll app prompts users to participate in polls by voting with likes, which generates News Feed stories with links back to the campaigns.

Page admins can require Facebook users to like their pages before participating in polls, and they can add custom forms to capture data about those users, such as email addresses and opt-ins.

The Poll app also offers page admins real-time reports on analytics such as unique visitors and fan growth, and those reports can be exported into Excel.

Offerpop Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Prakash Mishra said in a release announcing the Poll app:

The Poll app is part of Offerpop’s mission to leverage Facebook’s newest guidelines and features, enabling brands to run results-driven social campaigns. The Poll app helps marketers improve the reach of their campaigns by creating viral stories, resulting in bigger social and email audiences.

Readers: How often do you participate in polls on Facebook?

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