‘Offensive Combat’ to Bring Hardcore Gaming to Facebook


Casual farmers and poker players on Facebook will have to make room for the first-person shooters of the hardcore gaming variety: “Offensive Combat,” the latest title from U4iA Games, has emerged from its soft launch with 510,000 monthly average users, the company announced today.

“‘Offensive Combat’ represents the first game of its kind to bolster Facebook’s plan to grow the mid and hard core player base,” said Dusty Welch, CEO and co-founder of U4iA Games, which is pronounced euphoria. “Multiplayer first-person shooters are a uniquely social experience among other traditionally ‘core’ genres (action, RPG, etc.), requiring players to interact and team up with their friends, making ‘Offensive Combat’ a perfect fit for a social network platform.”

Similar to “Halo,” “Call of Duty,” and “Medal of Honor,” the first-person shooter (FPS) game gives players their choice of avatars and weapons to use while they’re “stabbing limecats in the neck with wooden swords, shooting trollfaces in the smirk with a variety of ballistic and plasma-based weapons, and pwning the hell out of anyone we kill with a variety of silly little dances,” according to the site description. (In gamer terms, pwning means shaming an opponent you’ve just defeated.)

The game is free to play, with the option to purchase additional content within the game.

As for the name, “The branding evokes clear imagery and understanding of the task at hand – core gameplay competition,” said Welch. ”The double play with the word ‘offensive’ reveals the uniqueness and irreverence of the theme (Teabag and Gangnam-style pwns for example).”

The developer intends to bring the high production quality of a console game to the browser. “As innovators we have different ideas about what makes the best FPS experience for core gamers, who we believe are less interested in discs, consoles, and franchises that change focus year-to-year, but sell the same essential multiplayer experience over and over,” Welch said.

He added, “We have found players are interested in a core FPS experience with a mashup of FPS archetypes and arenas, which is always available on their laptop, free for their friends to join, and lets them hone their skills as the gameplay evolves continually – rather than rebuilding the same system every year. We feel more of those core gamers are on Facebook, and we’re excited to introduce ‘Offensive Combat’ there.”

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