Obama Teases #FreeCommunityCollege With Vine


Don’t ever say the White house doesn’t know how to get people talking. Using Vine to announce his community college proposal last night, Obama ensured that #FreeCommunityCollege was trending all morning in the lead up to his speech.

The video has already garnered about 1,500,000 loops. Then there was the lengthier version on YouTube: 

That only has about 6,000 views, but the comments section is already pretty nasty under it. Leading up to the State of the Union, using social media to get people riled up (and informed, we assume) is a nice tactic. That doesn’t mean everyone is impressed, though:

Maybe if we’re really lucky we’ll even get another website out of it. #FreeCommunityCollege

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) January 9, 2015


WALTER: Obama wants everyone to have #FreeCommunityCollege. But if everyone gets an education, who will watch “Real Housewives?”

— Jeff Dunham (@jeffdunham) January 9, 2015

And this is all before his speech. Looks like we have a lot of social media snark to look forward to as the State of the Union approaches.

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