Nucleus wants to be the patchwork Hal for your home


A Rabbi and a Canadian walk into the smart home.

This is not a joke. With the help of the video engineer that developed the software which Google acquired for Hangouts, a cybersecurity team helmed by a guy the Canadian calls “a former top guy in Israeli Security,” and a manufacturing deal with Foxconn, they’re coming to the market bearing a solution to the IoT blues.

The Canadian passes through San Francisco for a series of meetings. Through the agency of a PR associate, who sends out emails to some tech journalists, selected no doubt by algorithm, the Canadian winds up sitting in the PR firm’s glass-walled, street-level lobby in Soma. To his left is a coffee table, on which sits a tablet-looking thing with an oversized camera, a decanter of cold water, and two fat cylindrical beakers.

The camera is facing a tech journalist, who sits on the couch, taking notes…

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