Not Just Killing Machines: Drones Can Save Lives, Too




Drones have certainly developed a bad reputation of late. The unmanned aircraft have become known for their potential to take life. But if used properly, drones can save lives.

Surveillance and transportation drones are being used in countries such the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Haiti, Sudan and South Sudan to help solve problems facing residents, from lack of infrastructure to warlords committing crimes against humanity. A panel of experts discussed the potential of drones to bring peace at the 2013 Social Good Summit on Monday

“Technology is neutral. Drones have been associated with bad uses because of their military use,” said Andreas Raptopoulos, founder of Matternet. “I think there are a lot of good uses for them as wellIt’s up to us to figure them out and really put them to work to solve the big challenges.” Read more…

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