Find out all about the newest and trendiest fashion app on the market with this insightful interview. Tweed is the MUST app of the moment! Find out all about pairing outfits on an actual model before you go ahead and wear it. Now, available on the App Store, you don’t have an excuse!

Why did you create the app?
We created Tweed because we felt a need in the marketplace. We believe that most users will find the ability to mix and match different types of clothes in a variety of colours a handy and fun tool to have. The app allows you to create and experiment with new outfits and styles, e.g. you could be wondering if those red jeans go with that yellow cardigan – there aren’t any apps that combine clothing items on an actual model at the moment other than Tweed.

What are the essentials to know when creating an app?
We’re a team of two and believe it’s very important to have a programmer as a Co-Founder if you’re on a limited budget. Without a programmer the costs can escalate very quickly, especially if the app is more complex. Having things done internally also allows a lot of flexibility and easier communication.

There’s a lot of apps out there and it’s very hard to get noticed let alone turn a profit, so you’ve got to be persistent and have a passion for doing this type of work. We love to create things and see a concept turn into reality.

Why did you decide to create an app rather than just a website?
We wanted to create Tweed as an app because it’s a more suitable platform. You don’t need to run it within a browser (it just wouldn’t look right and work well) and you don’t require an internet connection to use the majority of the app.

Tweed was designed mainly for the mobile phone; we love how users can carry their ‘virtual closet’ around with them and utilize it while they shop. Users can also plan, create and save an outfit while they’re waiting on the train etc. and use it later. For those who spend a lot of time figuring out what to wear, this is the perfect app!

What do you hope to achieve with Tweed?
We hope that users will find the app useful and will use it on a regular basis. If we get more users, we’d love to add a larger range of clothes users can experiment with and increase the amount of clothes in the shop page including working with stores, designers, brands and the like. We also have a lot of ideas for future upgrades but will require a lot more time and resources before we can get those ideas up and running.

Do you have any top tips for others looking to create an app?
Don’t get caught up in adding too many features and getting all the little details perfect, most of the time it’s better to release and test the market first.

Ensure the app is easy to navigate, well designed and create something you love!

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