Newborns with Twitter accounts: A do or don’t?


Babies require a lot of preparation.

Before the little one’s big arrival, you have to build the crib, buy a stroller, wash the onesies and claim the baby’s Twitter handle.

What’s that you say? Setting up a Twitter account for your newborn isn’t on your to-do list?

Well, it’s on the to-do lists of many media-savvy parents these days, an article from says, and for a
variety of reasons.

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Some parents want to claim their kids’ online identity before anyone else can.

“About a month before my daughter was born I discussed with some people what I wanted to lock up,” Darren Rovell, ESPN sports business reporter and ABC News correspondent, told the Daily Intelligencer in an

“Before I announced her name to the select people … I locked down her name at Gmail, her dot-com, her Twitter handle. It was just an intellectual
capital investment.”

Other parents, like CNBC reporter John Carney, create Twitter accounts for their newborns so the tweets can serve
as a digital scrapbook.

“My main reason for doing that was actually to give people who wanted pictures of my kids, like my mother, a way to access them without cluttering up my
main Twitter feed,” Carney told

But tweeting from your new kid’s perspective can also just be fun. Carney added, “As a writer, it occurred to me that it’d be very funny to talk in her
voice about things that are going on. When kids are really young, you spend a lot of time with them but they don’t really do very much. Tweeting in their
name was a way of adding a little bit more excitement to those early months.”

Would you set up a Twitter account for your child?

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