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New York’s “ecommerce” companies are more fashion than tech. But that’s a good thing


Ecommerce is a fickle bitch. It seems so easy with its clear cut business model. At times the budding Web ecosystems of San Francisco, New York, and LA have all been lulled by the ecommerce siren song, only to see a wasteland of once-hyped companies that couldn’t scale or come up with a customer acquisition cost that didn’t make Wall Street want to barf.

So is it a worry that some of the more promising New York companies are still in the ecommerce category in the wake of Gilt and Fab’s struggles? Not necessarily, said Bessemer’s Jeremy Levine at last night’s PandoMonthly.

Companies like Warby Parker and Bonobos are more fashion than anything else– and there’s some good news in that as he explains in the clip below. (He just doesn’t want to back it.)

Huge thanks to Jeremy for a fantastic conversation and a great evening.