New Twitter Cards put on quite the (slide)show


Tweets containing Storify URLs now provide a slideshow preview of your story’s content on Twitter

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Wed, Nov 06 2013 10:45:23

Notice anything new on Twitter today? Storify stories are now incorporated directly into tweets wherever you find them. 
When you tweet a link to Storify stories, your followers will see an interactive slideshow preview of the story, like this one from President Obama:
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Because these are a part of the native experience through Twitter Cards, followers can quickly skim the best tweets from a chat, quips from a conference or images from an event without having to leave Twitter, meaning more engagement and readers for you.

See for yourself

To try this now, simply include any Storify URL in a tweet. 
That’s it! The card will appear even if you use URL shorteners, and our slideshow is designed to work anywhere Twitter Cards are supported (including mobile apps).
Below the slideshow, the title and description of your story are still provided, and in addition to the link in your tweet, followers can click or tap on other areas in the card to see your full story on Storify.

Any questions?

What if the Storify story is embedded on my site? 

The Twitter Card only appears for Storify URLs. If you’re sharing a link to content on your own site, our new card will not interfere with any Twitter Cards or preview images your content currently generate in tweets. 
Can all of my followers see these slideshows? 

As part of getting special approval from Twitter to update our cards, our slideshow’s been updated to work anywhere Twitter Cards are supported, including Twitter’s desktop and mobile websites, Tweetdeck and Twitter’s iOS/Android apps.
Can I use Storify slideshows in other places? 

Yes, you can use the Storify slideshow story template anywhere you’d embed a regular Storify story! Just go to the template options in the “Distribute” area of your story…
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… and copy/paste the updated embed code there onto your site.
Enjoy, and thanks for telling your stories with Storify!

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