New Marketing Trends Impacting Businesses



Each year new marketing trends, like more businesses depending on marketing automation, surface. These are the changes that can cause storefront, website and/or social media traffic to suddenly, and without warning, increase or, unfortunately, decrease. When many business owners and marketers think about marketing shifts the first thing that may come to their minds is how major search engines will change their algorithms, demanding that they get busy updating their meta tags and website and blog content.

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Yet, these aren’t the only marketing trends that can impact sales and profits substantially. The numbers of people accessing the Internet using mobile devices as well as the fact that a growing number of companies are relying on big data to make product development, marketing automation and customer relationship management decisions are other trends that are having a big impact on sales and profits. In fact, these three trends are expected to be among the leading shifts that will impact the marketing world during 2014.

New Marketing Trends Impacting Businesses

Social media marketing, expectations that consumers have for social care and yes – major search engine algorithm changes are other trends that are projected to influence business sales and profits in 2014. Regarding mobile device marketing automation and other marketing initiatives, Business 2 Community says that, “If you aren’t already optimizing your business website, local listings, and other online marketing for mobile devices, you need to start right away.”

Furthermore, “For beginners, it’s as simple as making sure your phone number, address, operating hours, and website are listed accurately and consistently on both Google+ Local and Yelp listings (which feed mobile results on Google Maps and Apple Maps, respectively) to help ensure that consumers can find you when searching for a business like yours from a mobile device.”

Big data gives businesses access to a variety of facts and trends, including the types of content social media followers prefer. Demographics of people who visit business social media pages are expected to continue to reveal how successful businesses are at reaching their target audience. Additionally, as social media networks continue to evolve and expand, it’s expected that more businesses may place an increasing focus on their social media pages.

To do this, businesses might use marketing automation tools provided by organizations like in order to create and publish more engaging content and enhance social customer services. Regarding content, one trend that’s not expected to change during 2014 is the need for businesses to provide their current customers and potential customers with unique content that offers the types of information that improves readers’ lives and/or gives them practical steps they can take to achieve their personal, personal or social goals.

Even more, marketing automation tools like website tracking, social media profile building and branding, event management and customer relationship management can streamline the online and offline marketing process. These tools can also cut down on the costs and human capital required to develop and keep a business’ primary marketing messages in front of the right prospects, including other business owners in the case of business to business (B2B) sales.

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