New Cocktails And Breathtaking Views At This Oriental Bar


The Shard is known as providing a bird’s eye view of the City of London and now you have the perfect excuse to go there. The Hutong bar provides you with everything you need for a perfect evening in London. As the days get darker, don your boots and escape the British weather at Hutong bar.

Hutong, The Shard

In Three Words: Exotic, Creative and Attractive

The Lowdown: The view from the 33rd floor of Western Europe’s tallest building is pretty breathtaking – so you need a cocktail menu that’s going to be equally impressive. Luckily, Hutong bar have created a list of drinks that are exciting and have that touch of magic.

The first menu played with ingredients from traditional Chinese medicine, and this is still evident in the new offering. Now, we are also presented with Bing Cha cocktails, (meaning Iced Tea), which are served in delightful traditional teapots and arrive at the table with a real burst of theatre.

Your Plus One: A drinker that appreciates a good balance of Asian flavour and culture. The menu was created with the aid of Tea Queen Henrietta Lovell, and each leaf is carefully considered in relation to the chosen spirits. Just don’t take the mate who mentioned being afraid of heights…

The Decor: A refined and luxurious take on a Chinese tea-house, with glowing red lanterns and ornate wooden furniture. The view of London is the real clincher though.

Red Snapper The Shard

Cocktail Highlights: You have to give the Bing Cha a go, if only to see the presentation. Luckily they taste as good as they look – I adored the Shuanglong, which combined the woody taste of Oolong tea with three different whiskies, honey and Chinese chives. The result was a sweet and smoky yet delicate cocktail which I could have sipped for hours. From the rest of the menu, highlights were the Hutong Julep and the sensational Jade Emperor, which included Chinese five spice tinctures to add a unique and delicious aftertaste.

Something to Soak Up the Booze: The only thing to have with Chinese tea is Dim Sum! Hutong serves quality dumplings from 1-5pm, but after that there are tasty fried broad beans and Kalamata olives.

Burning a Hole? With the average price of a cocktail being about £13, you know you’re paying for quality, taste and an exceptional location. It is definitely worth the journey up through The Shard.

The Jade Emperor portrait

Overall: Hutong didn’t have to change their menu – they had a good thing going. But I sure am glad they did, because the new list is packed full of inventive and beautiful concoctions that will surprise and delight your taste buds. If you haven’t checked out Hutong yet then it’s high time to give it a go. You won’t know whether to gawp at the landscape or the libations.

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