My First Visit to The Fresh Market St. Louis

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My First Visit to The Fresh Market St. Louis

Eating good in the neighborhood has a new meaning.

I was so very excited to see The Fresh Market St. Louis opening just mere minutes from my home. I have been on a healthy kick lately, working to change some of my bad eating habits, so having a place like The Fresh Market so close to me gives me even one more reason to keep fighting the good fight.

But enough of me. The Fresh Market may be new to my area, but isn’t new to everywhere else. It is mecca of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic in nature, and good for the mind, body, and soul. They’ve also got an array of meats and cheeses and other essentials to create healthy and fabulous meals for you and yours. Sure, there are plenty of markets now pandering to those of us who want healthier options, but there’s something about visiting The Fresh Market that I like. I’ve never been a fan of grocery shopping, and I’ve gone on record many times testifying about hating to go to the grocery store. But the design of The Fresh Market along with it’s hugely colorful produce section and great smelling bakery actually speaks to me—and I didn’t seem to mind the art of grocery shopping as much.

Granted, I’ve only visited once. But I can honestly say that I plan on shopping there tons in the future.

Is it a little more costly? Yes. But the health of me and my family is worth every penny.

Here are a few photos from my first visit to The Fresh Market located in Creve Coeur, an enclave of St. Louis County.

The Fresh Market Creve Coeur

The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market Inside

The Fresh Market STL

The Fresh Market Produce

The Fresh Market St. Louis Veggies

So far, I can’t say anything negative about The Fresh Market St. Louis. As an added bonus, they are exceptionally responsive on Twitter. I shared a few of my pics during my visit on Twitter and they retweeted me and responded. And they even DM’d me a coupon to use on my next visit. SWEET!

The Cubicle Chick