Music Video Gets Really Comfy With Different Sleep Positions




Do you spoon in your sleep? Or perhaps you’re more of a “Tower of Pisa” or a “Houdini.”

Paul and Mike Swiatek’s entry for a They Might Be Giant’s music video contest, set to the band’s song “Am I Awake?” is a hilarious compilation of sleep positions that all bed-hogs and undercover snugglers can understand

The contest was judged by comedian John Hodgman, who called it, “beautifully shot, hilarious and unexpected.” He also dubs the video “Sleep Study Voyeur,” a particularly eloquent moniker, which is pretty standard for Hodgman.

According to the official They Might Be Giants website, the contest awarded three winners a $ 1,000 cash prize each. “Sleep Study Voyeur,” “Don’t Say ‘Grassy Knoll,’ say ‘Grassy YES’” and “Murderous Puppet Typewriters” were the three lucky winners of the contest. Read more…

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