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Multiple Audiences on Social Media image ID 10076224Let’s start this article out with a definition.

Definition of Audience – ”the people who watch, read, or listen to something” – Source: Merriam Dictionary

Pretty straightforward…right? Keep reading..

Social media can really be an asset to you as a person as well as your company. People like to listen and look at interesting information, stories, etc. These stories often include people’s successes and tips.

This is where social media comes in. People who have found success have been able to connect both from a company perspective and a professional perspective. I probably take this to the extreme by maintaining a company blog site and a professional marketing blog site. These two sites help me reach different audiences on social media. The company site focuses on a targeted audience interested in laboratory analysis as well as information affecting their environment and food supply. The marketing site helps me stay connected with marketers, advertising agencies, small business owners, marketing directors and others by sharing tips with other marketers at other companies.

Think of your clients as audiences. What does your audience want to hear. Use blog sites to help you manage your content so audiences can find your content. One of the main reasons, many people get frustrated on social media, they go directly to the platforms and try to post information on behalf of their company while at the same time posting personal information. It then becomes a huge burden fro them to be careful with how they are perceived.

My advice, setup two separate id’s on each social media platform and begin to experience social media for what it can be. A way to reach people who you really want to be in touch with depending on who you are representing, yourself or your company.

People ask me if I have a marketing business on the side. My response is yes, I like to share my ideas with others and listen to other people’s tips. I gain so much from this type of interaction and I can continue to do it regardless of my company affiliation.

As a company representative, I can make sure people understand who the voice is behind the company, but the company brand comes first. This is the difference. I want the focus on the company, not me. The company is much bigger than one person as it should be.

Find your audience(s) on social media and start connecting.

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