Muck Rack & SMW: A Look At Our Experience


Partnering with Muck Rack this September, we’ve been able to amplify our message and connect with more journalists in a more meaningful way. In the past, we’ve introduced you to Gregory Galant, co-founder of Muck Rack. This year, they want to give you the chance to try out their platform as well. So, to give your business an extra leg up, use promo code smw2013 to get a free month’s trial of Muck Rack Pro. Now, we pass on to Muck Rack’s Brittany VanBibber to turn the tables a little and ask us a few questions.

Managing social media, whether it’s for a brand or for yourself, can be as overwhelming as taking charge of any marketing campaign. Everything put on on social media is seen increasingly as the persona of many companies and individuals. Avoid a weak or boring social media presence with the advice of Nicky Yates, director of communications for SMW13 and Crowdcentric. She’s an all-around social media wizard with takeaways on how to handle social media accounts, especially during events like this coming week. Muck Rack, an online tool for journalists and PR professionals, interviewed Nicky about her best practices with social media. Here’s what she had to say:

Muck Rack: What social media tools could you not live without? Why?
Nicky Yates: I’m a Twitter fiend, merely for the vast amount of information you can get quickly. I think Twitter lists was heaven sent. My Tweetdeck is packed with dozens of lists that help organize all my information.

Muck Rack: What communications tools do you use that make your job easier?
Nicky Yates: Tweetdeck for sure. Then, uberVU helps me manage data and ROI. We’re also big fans of MailChimp to email out. Then, as simple as it sounds, Google docs for collaboration is key for our team. The ability to have everyone work on the same document and go back to previous versions is invaluable.

Muck Rack: What advice would you give to other communications professionals about interacting on social media?
Nicky Yates: Let your personality shine through. Social Media Week is the third brand I’ve managed social media for, and you can tell which tweets and posts I put out. And I think that’s a good thing. From the way I interact with my community to the way I craft my messages, you can see me in it. I become connected to my community and very protective of ensuring they get solid information and aren’t spammed. In addition, I think you can see there’s a person behind the screen name.

Muck Rack: How should communications professionals prepare for Social Media Week?
Nicky Yates: Have a game plan. There’s so many events going on, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Think about your goals for attending. If it is to network, then there are specific events that help with that. Want to learn more about a certain topic? Hone in on those events. Then, sprinkle your schedule with some off-topic events to give you a balanced experience. In fact, you may learn more from those.

Muck Rack: How have you used Muck Rack in parallel with social media?
Nicky Yates: The ability to use Muck Rack and see who is talking about SMW and what else they are tweeting about is so helpful. We get the daily alerts and monitor which outlets and journalists are taking part- from talking about the week to hosting an event. There’s a host of information we couldn’t learn without spending hours and hours pouring over our events individually.

Muck Rack: How does Social Media Week try to set themselves apart when promoting their events?
Nicky Yates: I’m not a fan of spamming. We want to create information that is helpful and useful. From event guides that provide tracks for attendees to curated playlists of events, we think that providing people this information is key to helping our community promote us and themselves. We also provide partner decks that have template information for them to use when talking about SMW. Then, we try to ensure that our events and activities are things that people want to talk about. This helps us in reaching out to journalists and gives our community more to talk about. From our Gender 50/50 initiative to our Travel Awards, we want our promotions to give back and be of value.

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