Most things you missed on day two of SXSW 2014



Sup, welcome to the Pando digest of everything you missed at SXSW, installment #2.

photo 3 (1)Today it is drizzling, proving that not enough of us knocked wood yesterday while praising the weather. People on Secret not at SXSW are mocking us and feeling much better about their lives than they were yesterday.

On the upside, this means the line for the Oreo “Trending Vending Machine” is down to zero. If you’re willing to stand in the rain while building a 3D printed Oreo, the world is yours today.

Everyone else is inside at the convention center crowding together in soggy clusters. On the surface it’s looking more and more like CES, with stressed out unhappy crowds under fluorescent lighting.

There’s a SXSW oasis preserved in the PayPal Social Media Lounge, which is covered in curl-your-toes-in furry blue carpet. A band, aptly titled Coin (get it?) takes the mini stage and serenades the attendees, who have moved onto guzzling wine and beer as part of the lounge’s happy hour. The men of Coin look like they’ve never encountered rain in their lives and are the most gleeful bunch of half-assed hipsters I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching pound on drums.

photo 4 (1)

Secret had its panel in a giant ballroom. Behold the masses who arrived to watch The Dread Pirate Josh Constine (TechCrunch) talk nipples and suicide with Secret CEO David Byttow.

photo 1 (2)

Best panel I’ve seen so far, it’s a shame all of SXSW missed it. Cale Weissman disagrees. The company might have been better off throwing a spontaneous exclusive party ala #secretwinebash.

For all we know that could still be coming.


Mermaid at the Thumbtack pool party

Thumbtack’s pool party got rained in at The W, but they carried on the festivities indoors. Mermaids were in attendance, so that’s cool.

Julian Assange video conferenced in from the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the keynote. He generally had nothing interesting to say.

Pando’s Cale Weissman is petitioning we rename SXSW “Perpetual FOMO.” All in favor?