The world’s leading transit app, Moovit has now stepped into the future. The app allows you to plan a journey by comparing transit options whether its comparing the routes of a bus, train, metro etc. You can even trust the app to guide you on foot to your destination so you will never find yourself lost. As well as this you can get live updates of schedules and timings straight to your phone.

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Moovit have joined the new tech age of technology and will now be available on android and apple wearable technology.

As you can see from the images the screen will display just the right amount of information that the user may need. You will receive alerts regarding service updates, schedules and disruptions in the nearby area. You will be able to see nearby lines or favourite journeys already entered into the Moovit smartphone app as well as an overhead display of where you are to work out your next move.

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This app is not only for British cities but can be used in more than 500 cities around the world.

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