Mogul, A Crowdfunding Startup Realty, Says Users Have Invested $14M


Mogul, A Crowdfunding Startup Realty, Says Users Have Invested $  14M image Realty Mogul

Realty Mogul is an online marketplace for real estate investments. The company is sharing numbers related to its growth since its launch in 2012.

In the company’s first year in business, its users have invested $ 14 million in over $ 100 million worth of property.

Realty Mogul has became the largest online marketplace for real estate investing, and grew its investments by 400% in six months starting last July.

According to the company’s infographic, 66% of its investments are made by repeat investors, 55% of their investors have made multiple investments, and the marketplace has over 6,000 accredited investors.

Realty Mogul wants to make real estate investment more accessible to accredited investors. Users can browse through their marketplace which they can search for potential investments. If the users decide to invest in a property their funds is committed only if the project gets completely funded.

After a project is funded, investors in that property get regular updates and receive any cash distributions such as rent payments that they are entitled to.

Realty Mogul has a wide variety of investment properties. In their marketplace, 35% of the investments have been in retail, 22% in residential, 20% in multi-family and 23% in others.

You can view the infographic here.

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