Modern-Day Pangaea: Who Would Be Neighbors if the World Reverted to One Supercontinent?


Illustration of what the world would look like today with political borders in Pangaea

Can you imagine a world where you could drive from Washington, D.C., to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria? Italian artist “Massimo” can. He illustrated what the world would look like if the continents reverted to Pangaea, the ancient supercontinent that broke apart to form the continents we know today. Incorporating today’s political borders, the map makes for some interesting neighbors while distancing countries that are currently located close together. If Pangaea existed today, London would no longer be a short plane ride away from New York; instead, parts of Africa, Canada, and Greenland would lie in the way. Brazil would be just a jump away from the Congo, and Iran would be split in half!


What other interesting differences do you see on this modern-day map of Pangaea?

[via Popular Science]