Mobile Game Update Roundup: Easter 2015 Edition


Cloud Raiders Easter

As we head into Easter weekend, many developers have updated their mobile games with content fitting the season. Here’s a look at a few of those updates.

Cloud Raiders (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon) – A strategy title from Game Insight, Cloud Raiders has been updated with two weeks of seasonal events, including two new bosses and three new enemy types to defeat. Players can become extra festive with an Easter Island skin, or unlock “themed buffs” for their game. Finally, players will go head-to-head with a Titan Crab enemy to unlock a unique tower that won’t be available after the seasonal events end.

Sunshine Bay

Sunshine Bay (iOS, Android) – In Game Insight’s resort-building game, players can join Adele on a quest to stop the Faberge Egg thief from taking off with the game’s treasures. At the same time, players will hold a convention for famous detectives, build their own agency and collect eggs for their game.

Airport City

Airport City (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon) – In this airport-management game, players will build new farm markets and collect eggs to unlock the Dali Theatre & Museum. “Cute and fluffy bunnies” have also made their way into the game.

Paradise Island 2

Paradise Island 2 (iOS) – Another resort-building title, Paradise Island 2 now allows players to take part in an Easter Egg Hunt and build holiday-themed buildings, including restaurants, museums and hotels.

Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor (iOS, Android, Amazon) – This hidden-object game from Game Insight has been visited by the Easter Bunny, who gives players 60 new quests to complete. Gamers will interact with five new monsters, and they can complete five new Easter-themed collections. In addition, players can open Easter Eggs with their friends, and may eventually receive a “unique treat” from the Easter Bunny himself.

2020: My Country

2020: My Country (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon) – This city-building title offers more than 20 new spring buildings and decorations, including flower beds and cake shops. Players have new quests to complete as they welcome the Easter Bunny in their towns, and they can “prepare various special surprises” for their citizens.

Tribez And Castlez

The Tribez & Castlez (iOS, Android, Amazon) – In this medieval city-builder, players can send special Easter greetings to their friends. Gamers can also find basket-carrying rabbits, and if they find enough, they’ll unlock a mystery prize.

Mirrors of Albion (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon) – Another Game Insight hidden-object game, Mirrors of Albion has been updated with a new scene: the Easter Park. Players will meet two new characters, and they can complete 21 new quests and a series of four new collections in this event.

High School Story Easter

High School Story (iOS, Android, Amazon) – This high-school-simulation game has been updated with a themed, premium quest set, which sees gamers participating in a schoolwide Easter egg hunt.

CastleVille Legends

CastleVille Legends (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Zynga‘s medieval city-builder has been updated with a unique Easter event, the Great Egg Hunt. While it has egg in the title, the event doesn’t focus on carrots and rabbits; instead, players level 19+ will complete four chapters of quests as they retrieve Violetta’s stolen dragon egg and collect shiny gems with the help of Marigold, a limited-time hero character.

Farm Story 2 Easter

Farm Story 2 (iOS, Android) – Storm8‘s farming game has been updated with an Easter Egg Hunt, as well as limited-edition prizes, like an Easter Egg Patch and Stuffed Easter Bunny. Players will need to find the eggs hidden around their farm, and can turn them in for prizes. Limited-time quests are also available.

EggMaster (iOS) – With a name like “EggMaster,” it’s no surprise this “clicker” has been updated for the holiday. The game has been given a visual overall for Easter, and also allows players to tap on the new Easter Chicken to receive eggs.

Raids of Glory Easter

Raids of Glory (iOS) – A base-building combat game from Chillingo, Raids of Glory has been updated with “pesky” Easter bunnies. When players tap on these bunnies, they’ll steal their Easter eggs, which can be used to build and upgrade an “Epic Easter Egg” monument in their base.

Dice with Buddies (iOS, Android, Amazon) – This dice game from Scopely has been updated with a special Easter Egg Hunt tournament. This “Bonus Roll” lottery sees the odds of winning the bonus prize increase as additional players enter. The prize for this event is 300 Bonus Rolls.

Order and Chaos Easter

Order & Chaos Online (iOS, Android, Amazon) – From Gameloft, this MMORPG has been updated with an Easter egg hunt. Eggs have been left all over Haradon, and it’s up to players to collect them all for a chance to win exclusive Golden Bunny mounts and pets.

Ice Age Adventures (iOS, Android) – For a limited time, players can rescue the Easter Bunny family and add them to their habitat.

Brothers in Arms 3 Easter

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War (iOS, Android, Amazon) – This shooter from Gameloft has seen some of the in-game barrels replaced with Easter Eggs that explode with confetti when shot. Players have a chance to win in-game prizes for posting a screenshot of the eggs and confetti to the game’s Facebook page.

Real Racing 3 (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Players with a sweet tooth can access chocolate car paints to celebrate the holiday.

Tap Paradise Cove Easter

Tap Paradise Cove (iOS, Android) – In this pirate-themed city-builder from Pocket Gems, players can hunt for hidden eggs to win an Easter Egg Ship. Players will also complete new quests (The Legend of Foo Foo) and The Rebel Rabbits Battle Event.

The Sims FreePlay (iOS, Android, Amazon) – EA’s life-simulation game has been updated with new Easter-themed decorations for Sims’ homes.

The Springening

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (iOS, Android) – In this event called “The Springening,” players will meet the limited edition “fuzzy and ferocious” Dandelion plant, which comes equipped with floating seed bombs that explode on impact. Gamers can celebrate the season with over two weeks of garden parties and eight Spring-themed zombies, from now until April 9. In addition, gamers can try the Piñata Party’s new Eggbreaker mode for a chance to win five collectible costumes.

Flutter Easter

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary (iOS, Android) – Runaway and DeNA‘s butterfly collection game has been updated with a new Flower Event, which sees players collecting special flowers that pop up in their environment, using them to create five new limited-edition butterflies. In addition, an Egg Hunt community event is available, challenging players to find three eggs hidden in their rainforest each day. These eggs contain in-game prizes, including potential premium currency, and if the community can collect 1.5 million eggs in total, they’ll receive a special prize from the developer. This event runs through April 7.

Godus Easter

GODUS (iOS, Android) – In an event called The Eggquinox, players can experience a virtual “Easter playground” within the game, as the Astari have donned rabbit masks, miners have replaced their helmets with egg shell hats and farmers now harvest their crops while wearing chicken outfits. The game has also received some visual changes to match the holiday, and players can spend 20 Gems to unlock all of the game’s Easter goodies.

Deer Hunter 2014

Deer Hunter 2014 (iOS, Android, Amazon) – This event will run the rest of April, and challenges players to hunt rabbits and find hidden Easter Eggs, including the rare “Golden Egg.”

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Easter

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Starting today and running through April 5, Glu’s celebrity lifestyle simulation game will see players joining an Easter Egg Hunt organized by Kris Jenner. Players are given riddles for the location of each egg, and gamers must find them before the Kardashian sisters can.

Temple Run 2 Easter

Temple Run 2 (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) – The mega-popular endless runner from Imangi Studios now includes a bunny suit for Guy Dangerous, as well as the ability to collect Easter goodies as artifacts. Gamers can eventually unlock “aerodynamic” bunny ears for their characters.

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