Mobile Game Roundup: World of Khaos, Feed Your Monster and More


World of Khaos

Looking for a new mobile game to try this romantic Valentine’s Day weekend? Here’s a look at some of the new games released on smartphones and tablets this week.

World of Khaos ($ 1.99 on iOS) – This tower defense game from Rapid Turtle Games sees players taking on the role of leader in a fight against an army of war machines in a post-apocalyptic world. Players will encounter dozens of enemy types, from robots and cyborgs to mutants and boss characters. Gamers will have access to a variety of weapons and power-ups as they play, and will unlock achievements and climb leaderboards along the way. World of Khaos is also available to download on Mac.

Qubies (Free on iOS) – This Tetris-inspired match-three game sees players manipulating shapes, comprised of colored blocks, as they fall from the top of the screen. The goal of the game’s default mode is to create groups of three or more like-colored blocks to remove them from the screen, and not allow the screen to fill with shapes. For an in-app purchase of $ 1.99, players unlock two additional gameplay modes and leaderboard access.

Fort Raiders SMAAASH! (Free on iOS, Android) – A 2D strategy game from developer Acquire, Fort Raiders SMAAASH! sees players building and customizing a fort as they recruit an army and pillage other forts for resources. Players build their fort one block or level at a time, as they balance the use of currencies like gold and mana. Gamers can upgrade their facilities to increase their fort’s productivity or have room for more warriors and special hero characters, and can complete both single-player story levels and multiplayer battles against other gamers.

Gang Nations (Free on iOS) – Playdemic’s base-building combat title combines base-building and tower defense elements as players are thrown into a gang war, challenged with building up their base and hiring an army of gang members to complete raids against other players. As players build their base in the middle of a sprawling city, they can change the town’s road layout to manipulate the path other gamers will need to take to attack their camp. In a twist on the genre, players aren’t required to recruit their gang members before entering battle. Instead, they spend resources during battles, in real time, recruiting only the troops they need in response to the rival camp’s defenses and layout.

Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey (Free on iOS) – A new hidden object adventure game from G5 Entertainment and Artifex Mundi, Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey challenges players to help Alice escape a deranged hospital and make it home. The game offers three difficulty levels, and will see players completing hidden object scenes, as well as puzzles and mini-games. Gamers can experience a demo version of the game for free, with the full game unlock being on sale for 40 percent off until the end of February 13.

Tiny Hoglets (Free on iOS, Android) – A match-three puzzle game from Game Pocket and BulkyPix, Tiny Hoglets challenges players to complete levels by making matches with fruit symbols to complete objectives before running out of moves. A twist on the genre’s traditional gameplay allows users to pick up fruit from anywhere on the board, and drop it where it makes a match (including support for diagonal matches). Players aren’t required to make a match with every move, which allows them to set up larger matches worth more points.

Mighty Switch Force: Hose It Down! ($ 1.99 on iOS) – WayForward’s puzzle game offers 25 puzzles across five worlds, as players help Officer Patricia Wagon save Tangent City and the Hooligan Sisters from the fire in each building. To complete each level, players slide blocks around the game board, creating a path for Officer Wagon to spray water at the fires inside. As players progress, the puzzles become more challenging, with the introduction of obstacle blocks. Gamers can purchase an additional 25 levels for $ 0.99 as an in-app purchase.

Run Bird Run

Run Bird Run (Free on iOS, Android) – This latest game from Ketchapp asks players to tap and hold on the left and right sides of the screen to move their bird and avoid falling boxes. Candy appears on the screen, which can be collected for extra points, but survival is more important. Gamers survive until a box ultimately hits the bird, and gamers can try again to increase their high score.

Daytona Rush (Free on iOS) – This endless racing game from Invictus puts players behind the wheel of a stock car, as they’re challenged with passing as many opponent vehicles as possible before running out of gas or crashing their car. Players receive cash for each vehicle they pass, and can refill their gas tank by driving through the pit lane on each lap of the race. In between races, gamers can upgrade their existing vehicles, and eventually unlock new vehicles, to improve their performance.

Feed Your Monster

Feed Your Monster (Free on iOS) – The latest title from 3 Minute Games, Feed Your Monster is a “clicker,” which asks players to tap as quickly as possible to feed their monster food and help it grow. The quicker they tap, the more points they accumulate over time. These points can be used to purchase upgrades, which increase the amount of points earned per tap, or increase the monster’s passive point production (that is, the point production that occurs even when players aren’t tapping on the screen).

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