Mission 31 Brings Us to New Depths in Science And Social


Remember the thrill of The NASA Space Program? Watching shuttle launches and news coverage of missions? Hoping you were home in time for the launch or that your teacher was cool enough to rent the TV for your classroom?

Well, this generation will have the thrill of exploration at their fingertips. On Friday at SMW NYC, Fabien Cousteau, Underwater Explorer and Documentary Filmmaker, and sponsor Nokia unveiled Mission 31.

Mission 31 will be the first time in history that aquanauts have lived underwater, for more than 30 days, while broadcasting and interacting with audiences in real time. Through this partnership, Fabien and Nokia hope to raise environmental awareness of our oceans through technology via social platforms. Fabien hopes to break through the “connective barrier” that people experience with the ocean.

In order to do this, he has arranged a team of scientists, engineers, and aquanauts to participate in the mission. The focus will be on climate change, overconsumption of natural resources, and pollution. Nokia will digitize the mission through live streams, exclusive content, a Facebook page, a 3D mosaic of the underwater habitat, a Twitter feed, and a partnership with Skype to bring the mission to classrooms — live. With over 280 broadcasts, it will be the longest underwater classroom in history. There will also be open-source “toys,” which will allow audiences to control elements within the habitat.

Alex Oberberg, Global Head of Programs & Markets Engagement, Social Media & Digital at Nokia says they are constantly thinking of new technologies to utilize on the mission.

This marks a historic moment for social media and underwater exploration. Mission 31 will help give children (and adults) the same thrill that NASA gave us, while raising awareness and providing unlimited access. It hasn’t even begun, but from where I was sitting at the discussion — Mission Accomplished.

You can follow all the action and adventure via Facebook & Twitter.

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