Minnesota Woman Held to $222,000 Fine for Downloaded Music


Jammie Thomas-Rasset, a 35-year-old Minnesota woman, was left with no remedy but to pay a $ 222,000 fine stemming from a 2006 case about music she downloaded from a file-sharing service, when the Supreme Court declined to hear her appeal today.

Thomas-Rasset and Joel Tenenbaum were the only two defendants from a spate of cases brought by music industry groups in the mid-2000s who did not settle. Tenenbaum is facing a $ 675,000 fine.

Like Tenenbaum, Thomas-Rasset has said she cannot pay the fine.

The Copyright Act provides for penalties of up to $ 150,000 per violation.

The Recording Industry Association of America initially offered to settle the case for $ 5,000; it subsequently offered to settle for a $ 25,000 donation to a charity for musicians in need, according to the Washington Post.

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