Have you ever looked back on a trend and shook your head? From flared trousers to padded shoulders, trends come and go, sometimes leaving us with amusing pictures of years gone by or clothing and furniture that’s more than a little out of date.


From sunken living rooms to stylish mid-century living room collections, furniture trends have ranged from best forgotten to timeless. 2015 is all about a return to the classics, with a mixture of timeless 20th century styles becoming furniture trends.

From minimalist bedroom furniture to high contrast living rooms and kitchens, we spoke to AHF Furniture to assemble a list of 2015’s four most interesting and notable furniture and interior decorating trends.

Floral patterned living room furniture is back

For the past two decades, leather has been the finish of choice for almost all living room furniture. Extensive maintenance and the flexibility of fabric have meant that leather is on the way out for 2015 and fabric is making its way back in.

One of the biggest new developments in interior design is the growing popularity of floral patterned sofas. From 1960s style paisley to classic 1930s prints, floral prints have gained a foothold in interior design and are becoming more popular.

The key to enjoying this furniture trend without ending up with a dated armchair or sofa is to keep things nice and simple. Choose timeless floral sofas that stand out in a good way, not ornate or excessive designs that attract too much attention.

High contrast is a favourite for kitchens and living rooms

High contrast colour schemes, such as black on white, are becoming more popular in modern kitchens and living rooms. While contrast has been a vital aspect of modern interior design for decades, it’s recently become a must-have for modern interiors.

One of the biggest design trends of late 2014 – and a popular trend for the rest of the year – is the contrast wall. Contrast walls are painted a contrasting colour, creating a point of visual difference that adds style and character to a space.

As well as looking fantastic in living rooms and kitchens, high contrast feature walls are becoming more and more popular in bedrooms. Mid contrast walls, which act as a visual bridge between two contrasting colours, are also increasingly popular.

Minimalistic bedroom furniture is an inexpensive favourite

There are three huge benefits to minimalistic interior design. First, it’s incredibly easy to maintain. Second, it’s incredibly cheap to decorate your home. Finally, it’s timeless and likely to look just as good in a decade as it does right now.

Minimalistic bedroom furniture grew in popularity in 2014 and it’ s only becoming more popular this year. White gloss furniture is a favourite for minimalist bedrooms since it’s so easy to pair with other colours and materials.

For the best results, take a minimalistic approach to furniture alongside one of the other top design trends for 2015. A minimalistic furniture selection paired with an eye-catching contrast wall is a great look for a stylish and modern master bedroom.

Single-colour fabric sofas offer amazing design versatility

After several decades of elegant but very inflexible leather furniture, the designers of 2015 are embracing flexibility and versatility. Single-colour fabric sofas with covers that can easily be changed are a favourite of 2015’s interior decorators.

Single-colour fabric sofas offer a huge range of advantages. They’re light and easy to clean, with many featuring removable covers. They can also be customised to match the look of your living room, with a huge range of different colours available.

From the living room to the bedroom, a single-colour sofa or loveseat is a fantastic accessory that offers a combination of comfort and aesthetic versatility, making it a great choice for 2015.

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