Mike Super Lives Up To His Name


Who is going to make it to the finals next week on, “America’s Got Talent?” I have absolutely no clue. Tonight’s competition was pretty fierce and I am excited to see who America will vote through. I love so many of the acts it’s hard for me to focus on just one, or not to drive you crazy with my scattered thought process on all of the acts. There was one act though that I thought should get the, “Most Improved Award” and really wowed me again this week. Drum roll please for my first-ever-made-up-award… (and you already know who is getting it if you read the title of this article)….. Mike Super!

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I am not going to lie to you, as the season started, I was a little freaked out by Mike Super’s performance. I really wanted to like Mike, I did. Mainly because he’s a Pittsburgh native and I love Pittsburgh. To be honest though, I wasn’t really sure what to make of some of his initial acts (and his “spirit” Desmond).. like this one:

Somewhere along the line (to be fair, I think it was last week), Mike Super changed my feelings on his performance.:

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Tonight’s performance left us (and by “us” I mean at least me, because I have a simple mind) stumped as to how he could possibly pull off a trick like he did. How could predict a random serial number from a dollar bill, not just once, but twice? Did you miss tonight’s performance? If you did, I have found that he has done this trick on TV before, which is kind of disappointing, but anyhow here it is:

I was wondering if I was the only one that enjoyed Mike’s performance this week, whether it was just for entertainment value or if others found it “mystifying” like I did. Of course I searched for solice in the vast world of Twitter.

Congratulations, Mike, for winning my first ever made up reality TV award! But seriously, he really has improved his performance and refined his act astronomically since the first time we saw him perform. That being said, I am not sure that Mike Super will be able to overcome the first impressions that he made with a lot of fans to win the competition. If you stack Mike up to other magicians (I know, I know.. Mike calls himself a mystifier, not a magician) in the competition I would say that Mat Franco has easily won over the hearts of million of American’s with his consistent stage presence and his mind boggling magic tricks.

Will Mike Super have what it takes to make it to the finals? What are your thoughts on his performance tonight and over the course of the season?

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