Mention Helper Makes Twitter Easier, But Takes ‘Social’ Out Of ‘Social Media’


SocialBro’s new Twitter tool, Mention Helper, takes the effort out of adding multiple users to a tweet — which doesn’t sound all that bad, if you want to thank new followers or are wondering who to mention for #FollowFriday.

The tool lets you filter users based on recent follows and interactions, and then add them en masse to your tweet. It can also be used in conjunction with SocialBro’s Tweet Analytics, allowing you to select and personally thank those who share your content.

But if a computer’s telling you who to thank, then it’s not really all that personal, is it?

There’s no denying that this tool has the potential to be pretty useful, especially to users with high follower-counts. It may save you time, but it also seems kind of soulless.

The whole point of #FollowFriday is to make personal recommendations to your followers, and that’s not really something a tool can do on your behalf.

Likewise, thanking users for following you kind of loses its sincerity if you’re using a “select all” type tool to do it. Of course, you’re still making the final decision on who to mention — you just haven’t had to put much thought into it.

Mention Helper seems to be treading a fine line — on the one hand, it’s making mass communication easier; on the other, it’s making communication less personal.

In that respect, it’s similar to Facebook’s birthday reminders. So, 100 friends have wished you a happy birthday — but how many would have known, if Facebook hadn’t told them? And let’s face it. A Facebook post doesn’t mean half as much as a call, a card, or even a text.

What do you think — is Mention Helper something you can see yourself using?

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