Meltwater Reveals The Most Talked About Trends And Topics At SXSW


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While Grumpy Cat, Megan Smith and Fat Jew were among the most talked about brand personalities at SXSW this week, there was something else that garnered the most overall social media buzz: the parties. Meltwater, a global leader in media intelligence solutions, scanned through thousands of SXSW social media conversations and extracted the most buzz-worthy topics.

As you’ll see, parties represented more chatter than the eating, keynotes, and aforementioned brand personalities combined (in fact, a whopping 4x more than the next closest topic – eating). Grumpy Cat may have won the coveted position of most talked about brand personality for the 3rd year in a row, but it was the brand spends that really came out on top this year through the parties and lounges.

Why is this important? It just goes to show that paid promotions (the parties/lounges) led to more engagement and awareness than anything else, rising above everyone with highest amount of tweets and social media chatter and thus increasing brand reputation. The brands garnered positive sentiment with their parties, but Meltwater also took to the streets with a camera and a mic to see if that sentiment resonated offline.

See below for Meltwater’s infographic on the most buzz-worthy topics from SXSW, and over the next week, we’ll be sharing clips of their “man on the street” interviews to see if the online data matched the offline data.

SxSW2015-Meltwater-Infographic (1)

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