Meet The Yelpulus Rift, Yelp’s Answer To Facebook’s Newest Acquisition


The Yelp Hackathon 13 has created the greatest invention in the company’s history. Nay, the greatest invention of all-time! Ladies and gentlemen meet the Yelpulus Rift.

Imagined by the team of engineers at Yelp, the parody video of the Oculus Rift is meant to imagine a fully wearable virtual reality experience featuring the Yelp Monocle platform. The company explains that the video is meant to “augment augmented reality.”

The Yelpulus Rift was put together with tens of thousands of hours in painstaking effort, or perhaps during a 10 minute lunch break. Just look at the duct tape craftsmanship and the iPad integration. Obviously this was the work of mad geniuses working against Steve Job’sian type deadlines and quality assurances.

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Yelp published the Yelpulus Rift parody video on its official YouTube channel on March 26. So far it has racked up just 2,525 views. The video may have gone viral faster if there wasn’t you know — a real acquisition worth $ 2 billion being announced.

In the meantime check out the Yelp parody and then decided if you would rather have Facebook or Yelp controlling your virtual reality-based future.

Joking aside, the Yelp Monocle system brings augmented reality to a whole new level for business reviews and we expect more companies to follow suit — perhaps without the duct taped helmet tablet.

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