Meet the Prezi Experts


As Prezi grows, so does the ecosystem of professional companies and individuals who offer Prezi based solutions to clients from the worlds of business, education, and non-profit. We know that many organizations who use prezi are looking for regional training, design, knowledge, and support, so we’ve launched the Prezi Experts program to help you find the best professional prezi creators and instructors out there.

The Prezi Experts are a hand-selected group of professionals from across the globe who share Prezi values. They strive toward redefining the way people develop and share their ideas. They encourage beauty beyond functionality in their Prezi use. Each Expert incorporates these values within their own works and in the creation of works for clients.

Some experts are delivering advanced technical, storytelling, and presentation delivery training, some are creating prezi design solutions for TED level conference speakers, some have authored books and manuals on best practice uses of Prezi.

If you’re looking for expert help with Prezi, learn more about the program here.