Marketing Magic (And Little More): Amazon’s Drones


1385949215000-AmazonPrimeAirEarlier this week, Amazon got the Internet all excited by announcing its new PrimeAir delivery drones.

Offering same-day delivery, they sounded way too good to be true — and, now the buzz has died down a bit, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that they probably are.

First of all, we’re pretty sure they’d be breaking a few laws at the moment. Nobody knows how safe they are, and without absolute reassurance, the feds aren’t going to let them fly. Amazon say they’ll be ready to launch as soon as the necessary regulations are in pace, but who know how long that’ll take?

Then, if the parcel actually gets to your house, how will it know who you are? What if you don’t quite get to the door in time? Does it fly away? You can’t call after a drone like you can with a FedEx guy.

And if your first thought when you heard about these things wasn’t the potential for crime, then you have a lot more faith in humanity than I do.

Kids are bound to use them as target practice — shoot the drone, grab the parcel — it’s like something out of a video game. If you were already criminally inclined, this would make thieving more fun, wouldn’t it?

Amazon says the drones won’t be ready until at least 2015, and we could be waiting a lot longer than that. If they ever get round to using them, of course.

Because it could all just be a clever hoax. Revealing something like this on Cyber Monday is marketing genius. If there’s one way to guarantee your online store is being talked about more than any other, it’s this.

But what next? Are announcements like this going to be popping up all over the place now, like these fake corporate Twitter hacks?

It’s about time everyone stopped with these delivery-drone things. Yo Sushi are launching “flying waiters” across their UK restaurants next year, and Dominos Pizza tested out a “DomiCopter” prototype in June.

Amazon did brilliantly if this was only intended as a marketing ploy, but we somehow doubt the drones will achieve the same amount of success.

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